June 2, 2017

District Leaders

District Leaders recruit, train, and lead a team of community organizers and Democratic volunteers in their districts known as Precinct Committee(wo)men.  Reach out to your District Leader to get involved today!

Districts follow those laid out by the Brevard Board of County Commissioners. Your district number is the first digit of your precinct number. (For example, if you reside in precinct 415, you are in District 4.) To find your precinct number, check your voter registration card, or click here.

District 1
Bob Stover bobstover@outlook.com 321-544-9003
Jane McCallum jmccallum732@gmail.com 321-537-0643
District 2
Renee Anthony rant129@gmail.com 609-760-0023
Bill De Boer billdeboer@hotmail.com 813-766-1449
District 3
Tom Viola tomviola428@gmail.com 954-562-0821
Jessica Bergum jdbergum@gmail.com 321-848-3766
District 4
Stacy Jones wvgirlinfl@gmail.com 304-615-1798
Yvette Rice yvette.rice@icloud.com 321-482-0952
District 5
Pete Colombo pcolombo@cfl.rr.com 321-863-3085
Rachel Russell drrachelrussell@yahoo.com 321-427-5512

Each district has two leadership positions. If you are interested in becoming a District Leader, please contact Pam Castellana.