July 20, 2017


BE THE CHANGE. We lead by example. We strive to learn, grow, and become citizens who are capable of building the world for which we’ve been waiting.

LISTEN FIRST. Before offering our opinion to anyone, we try to learn what’s important to them and why.

BE HARD ON ISSUES, BUT SOFT ON PEOPLE. We disagree respectfully, and without insults or attacks. We are civil and kind, even with those who may not agree with us.

BE INFORMED. We inform ourselves using trustworthy sources, and make sure we understand the issues. Biased, slanted sources—even ones we may agree with—cannot overrule the truth.

DARE TO HAVE HOPE. We are optimists who boldly believe that a more beautiful world is possible, and are committed to creating it. We help the people we meet imagine a future that’s better for all of us.

BE BRAVE AND BUILD BRIDGES. We talk to each other. We reach out and invite engagement from those we meet—including those with whom we differ or disagree. Let’s create togetherness where others see division.

DO THE WORK. Where there is work to do, we do it. It is up to each of us to make change happen.

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. We are neighbors, friends, family, and allies. We are a community. Be compassionate, and remember that we all have to live together in this world.

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