Brevard County Democrats Oppose Tobia’s Resolution on Puerto Rican Statehood

Photo by Alex Barth from Washington DC, USA. Image shared under Creative Commons License.

Brevard County Commission Should Stay Focused on Local Issues

Melbourne, FL, July 10, 2017

The Brevard County Commission meets next Tuesday 7/11/2017 and according to their agenda, Commissioner Tobias will be presenting a resolution  “Requesting the United States Congress to Refrain from Extending Statehood to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (District 3).” The Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is opposed to the presence of this resolution on the agenda.

The purpose of the county commission is to work to solve problems and improve life in Brevard County. This resolution serves no meaningful purpose and should not take up time on the agenda. The Brevard DEC has been working hard to engage citizens in the governing process, and public time spent on issues that are not directly related to the business of Brevard County is inappropriate and unproductive. Chairman Curt Smith should remove this resolution from the agenda. Additionally, local citizens should contact their commissioners to request this resolution be removed and direct the commissioner to get back to work on issues that are relevant to our local communities.  Citizens of Brevard can follow this link to get the contact information for their commissioner:


Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee