March 1, 2017

Your Precinct

Organizing starts in our very own backyards, and on our neighbors’ doorsteps. Our aim is to identify neighborhood organizers for voting precincts across Brevard.  These neighborhood representatives are called Precinct Committee(wo)men.

Look on the map below to find your neighborhood’s Precinct Committee(wo)man. To view a full list of precincts, click the symbol in the upper left corner to expand the menu, then click the ˅ symbol next to the words “Find a Precinct”. Click the precinct number & name or click on any ✪ symbol on the map to view name & contact information for your Precinct Committee(wo)man.

If you need to look up your precinct, go to  If your precinct does not appear on the map below, we are currently looking for neighborhood organizers near you.  Go to for more info – we’d love to get you involved!

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