March 3, 2017

Standing Committees

The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) includes many standing committees. Any Democrat who resides in Brevard County is eligible to serve in an advisory capacity on these committees, and all DEC members may serve on any committee.

Learn more by clicking the name of any committee in the directory below.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the leader listed:

Activism Committee

The Activism Committee supports other DEC committees in identifying opportunities for direct action (e.g., rallies, marches, sit-ins, editorial campaigns, mass attendance at public meetings, etc.), and in organizing and executing direct actions in support of Democratic ideals, legislation, and candidates.

Activism Chair: Evan Meier | | 321.501.6474

Budget and Audit Committee

The Budget and Audit Committee develops and presents the annual budget at the first regular DEC meeting each January, oversees annual audits, ensures accuracy of monthly Treasurer budget reconciliation and forecast reports to the DEC, and produces quarterly reports for the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections.

Budget and Audit Chair: Cy Pizette | | 321.626.7681

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee evaluates and recommends proposed amendments to DEC bylaws, and will ensure they align with and support FDP bylaws and Florida Statutes.

Bylaws Chair: Daniel Wall-DeSousa | | 321.431.7744

Candidate and Campaign Committee

The Candidate and Campaign committee creates a 4-year rolling calendar of city, county, state and national public offices up for election and is responsible for recruiting and training candidates based on the needs of our community.  This committee also trains and mobilizes volunteers in the DEC and across Brevard to serve as volunteer teams for Democratic candidates.

Candidate and Campaign Chair: Elizabeth Logan | | 321.480.7232

Clubs and Caucuses Committee

The Clubs and Caucuses Committee ensures compliance of local clubs and caucuses, works to develop and promote new clubs and caucuses, and ensures club and caucus leader participation in the DEC.

Clubs and Caucuses Chair: Marti Kara | | 407.417.1973

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for all internal and external communications of the Brevard DEC and supports the communications efforts of local Democratic candidates for office.

Communications Chairs:

Karen Best | | 321.543.3131

Jack Downs | | 443.413.3688

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee maintains membership records of the DEC, reports vacancies, receives membership applications at DEC meetings, qualifies applicants, and makes recommendations of applicants for both elected and appointed memberships.  The Credentials Committee may also make suggestions on committee appointments for new members and organizes and conducts caucuses to elect delegates to the national and state Democratic conventions.

Credentials Chair: Cat Martinez | | 734.717.4293

Diversity Taskforce

The Diversity Taskforce is responsible for efforts to increase minority Democratic voter registration, minority voter turnout, and active minority participation in the DEC, Democratic candidate campaigns, and local clubs and caucuses.  The Taskforce also informs Democratic candidates, voters and members of the DEC about relevant minority issues, and works in conjunction with the Affirmative Action Committee of the Florida Democratic Party.

Diversity Taskforce Chair : Alberta Wilson | | 321.632.9852

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee expands the local Democratic electorate by engaging, mobilizing, and activating local voters who care about environmental issues, and informs Democratic candidates, voters, and members of the DEC about relevant environmental issues.

Environmental Committee Chair : Gail Meredith | | 503.964.7337

Government Affairs and Resolutions Committee

The Government Affairs and Resolutions Committee serves as liaison between the DEC and governmental bodies and elected officials, and provides regular updates to the DEC regarding upcoming relevant legislation, agenda items, and calls to action.  In addition, the Government Affairs and Resolutions Committee promotes Democratic positions on key issues to local government bodies and elected officials, publishing official resolutions as appropriate.

Government Affairs Chair: Sara Ann Conkling | | 321.307.2210

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee builds community and camaraderie among the members of the DEC by ensuring food and decor at regular DEC meetings and other DEC events, and by reaching out to members experiencing major life events (e.g., birthdays, births, and deaths).  The committee also greets and orients new members and guests at monthly membership meetings.

Hospitality Chair: Carol Shute | | 321.698.0348

Intelligence Committee

The Intelligence Committee performs research on our local electorate so that we may effectively understand and respond to the needs of our community, and on legislative best practices so that we may recommend and lobby local politicians and elected bodies to enact local laws that are most supportive of our Democratic ideals and platform.

Intelligence Chair: Jeff White | | 321.848.0593

Labor Committee

The Labor Committee increases union member voter registration, union member voter turnout, and union member voter participation in the DEC, Democratic candidate campaigns, and local clubs and caucuses.  The Committee also informs Democratic candidates, voters, and members of the DEC about relevant labor issues.

Labor Advisor: Fernando Rendon | | 321.482.3051

Logistics and Administration Committee

The Logistics and Administration Committee shall provide assistance with planning and logistics for DEC events, and shall be responsible for overseeing the administration of a local office.

Logistics Committee Chair : Margaret Gonzalez | | 321-474-4614

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee conducts volunteer recruitment and builds alliances with local organizations that share Democratic and progressive values.

Outreach Chair: Tess Martin | | 321-960-0262

Precinct Organization Committee

The Precinct Organization Committee recruits, trains, supports, organizes, and oversees precinct committeewomen and committeemen to support Democratic candidates and increase voter engagement, registration, and turnout.

Precinct Organization Chair: Pamela Castellana | | 321.536.6919

Voter Registration Committee

The Voter Registration Committee ensures all members of the DEC are trained in voter registration requirements, makes sure voter registration resources are at major events across the county and at all DEC events, and hosts regular voter registration drives and events throughout the community.

Voter Registration Advisor: Kathleen Talbot | | 240.286.1831

Veterans and Armed Forces Committee

The Veterans and Armed Forces Committee is responsible for all efforts to increase Democratic voter registration, voter turnout, and active participation in the DEC, Democratic candidate campaigns, and local clubs and caucuses by veterans and members of the Armed Forces. The Committee also informs Democratic candidates, voters, and members of the DEC about relevant veteran and armed forces issues.

Veterans Committee Chair : John Frazier | | 240.268.1831

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee proposes and implements fundraising activities and provides accurate projections to the Budget and Audit Committee.

Ways and Means Chair: Marti Kara | | 407.417.1973

Young Democrats Committee

The Young Democrats Committee increases Democratic youth (< 40 years of age) voter registration, youth voter turnout, and active youth participation in the DEC, Democratic candidate campaigns, and local clubs and caucuses.  The Committee also informs Democratic candidates, voters, and members of the DEC about relevant youth issues, works to develop local Young Democrats clubs across Brevard, and participates in statewide Young Democrats initiatives.

Young Democrats President: Micheal Nickel | | 321.557.5468