March 4, 2017



The Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is an elected body comprised of members, called Precinct Committee(wo)men, who act as neighborhood organizers to register voters and increase voter turnout and engagement in their voting precincts.  There are currently vacancies in precincts across Brevard, and we’d love you to join us! Click here to apply todayWe provide training and tools to help you identify and reach the voters in your area. 

There are 170 voting precincts in Brevard County. Each Precinct is allocated at least two DEC positions, a Precinct Committeewoman and a Precinct Committeeman. Precincts with over 1000 Democratic voters may have an additional pair. You may determine if there is a vacancy in your precinct here.  Even if there isn’t a vacancy in your precinct , we’d love for you to get involved as a Neighborhood Organizer to work with your Precinct Committee(wo)man to reach out to the hundreds or thousands of Democrats near you.


If you are interested in joining the Brevard Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) as a voting member, apply for membership here.

DEC meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the County Commission Chambers in Building C of the Brevard County Government Center (2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940). Each meeting includes an orientation for new applicants (6-6:30p), and a sign-in period (6:30-7pm), before the meeting begins at 7pm.

We welcome all registered Democrats to attend our meetings, but only Precinct Committee(wo)men and At-Large appointees, as well as Democrats who hold public office in Brevard County, are eligible to vote as members of the DEC.

To become a member, you must submit an application for Precinct Committee(wo)man before the 10th of the month, then attend the next DEC meeting. Applications will expire 3 months from date of submission.


Complete this application form before the 10th of any month. If you submit the form after the 10th, you may still attend our monthly meeting, but you will not be eligible to become an official DEC member until the following month’s meeting.


DEC meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the County Commission Chambers in Building C of the Brevard County Government Center (2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940).

At your first regular meeting, you will:

  • Attend Orientation | 6-6:30pm
  • Complete Loyalty Oath & Sign In | 6:30 – 7pm
  • Attend Regular Meeting | 7 – 9pm

If you applied before the 10th of the month, you will be considered for membership during this meeting:

  • Uncontested Elections: If there is a vacancy in your precinct, and no other applicants have applied, your name will be read into the minutes & you will automatically be elected Precinct Committee(wo)man by a majority vote of the body.
  • Contested Elections:  If there is a vacancy in your precinct, and another applicant has applied, you and your fellow applicants will have the opportunity to speak for two minutes before the body before a vote is held for your seat.  The winner will be determined by a vote of the body, and the winner will be read into the minutes. If you win, you have been elected Precinct Committee(wo)man.  If not, you will be considered for an at-large appointment if spaces are available.
  • At-Large Appointments: If there are no vacancies in your precinct, your name will be passed to the Chair for consideration as an “at-large” member, who may be asked to work in a neighboring precinct.  The Chair’s appointments are limited in number up to 10% of the total possible membership, and are used to offer opportunities to people who may increase the political, economic or minority diversity of our team.  If the Chair has spaces available and chooses to appoint you, your name will be read into the minutes as an at-large appointment by the Chair.

If your precinct is full and an at-large appointment is not made, you are invited to become a Neighborhood Organizer. Neighborhood organizers help their Precinct Committee(wo)man with canvassing, organizing events and/or registering voters in their precincts.  Unlike the position of Precinct Committee(wo)man, Neighborhood Organizers are not required to attend monthly meetings (though we hope you will!), and also are ineligible to vote at DEC meetings.


After your first meeting:

  • All new Precinct Committee(wo)men and At-Large members are asked to attend a Basic Training course.  These classes are scheduled regularly, and may be found on our calendar.

Once you are a member, you are required to attend our regular meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month so that we may achieve quorum to vote on important business at our meetings. If you are unable to attend, you may request an excused absence and send any other non-member who lives in your precinct and is a registered Democrat as a proxy to vote in your place.  If you have three unexcused absences in a calendar year, you will forfeit your membership in the DEC.  For additional questions about membership, email


If you are not elected or appointed as a DEC member, while you will not have voting rights in the DEC, we hope you will still support the efforts of the Democratic Party in Brevard County!  Here’s a few other ways to get involved:

  • Committee Advisors: All Democrats are eligible to serve in an advisory role on any DEC Standing Committee.  Check out our committees page and email any of our committee leaders to get involved.
  • Local Clubs:  Local clubs are currently being formed in cities across Brevard County.  Check back soon for our new Clubs page.  
  • Volunteers: We often look for volunteers to participate in phonebanking, data entry, sign waving, canvassing and other campaign tasks.  If you’d like to volunteer, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch when relevant opportunities are available.
  • Guests: All registered Democrats are always welcome at any DEC meeting or event.  Check out our calendar & join us anytime!

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